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40ft (3 Story) Gutter Vacuum Cleaning System, 20 Gal, Vacuum, Inspection Camera and Bag (Bundle Discount)

40ft (3 Story) Gutter Vacuum Cleaning System, 20 Gal, Vacuum, Inspection Camera and Bag (Bundle Discount)
40ft (3 Story) Gutter Vacuum Cleaning System, 20 Gal, Vacuum, Inspection Camera and Bag (Bundle Discount)
40ft (3 Story) Gutter Vacuum Cleaning System, 20 Gal, Vacuum, Inspection Camera and Bag (Bundle Discount)
40ft (3 Story) Gutter Vacuum Cleaning System, 20 Gal, Vacuum, Inspection Camera and Bag (Bundle Discount)
40ft (3 Story) Gutter Vacuum Cleaning System, 20 Gal, Vacuum, Inspection Camera and Bag (Bundle Discount)
40ft (3 Story) Gutter Vacuum Cleaning System, 20 Gal, Vacuum, Inspection Camera and Bag (Bundle Discount)
40ft (3 Story) Gutter Vacuum Cleaning System, 20 Gal, Vacuum, Inspection Camera and Bag (Bundle Discount)
40ft (3 Story) Gutter Vacuum Cleaning System, 20 Gal, Vacuum, Inspection Camera and Bag (Bundle Discount)
40ft (3 Story) Gutter Vacuum Cleaning System, 20 Gal, Vacuum, Inspection Camera and Bag (Bundle Discount)
40ft (3 Story) Gutter Vacuum Cleaning System, 20 Gal, Vacuum, Inspection Camera and Bag (Bundle Discount)
40ft (3 Story) Gutter Vacuum Cleaning System, 20 Gal, Vacuum, Inspection Camera and Bag (Bundle Discount)

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Introducing the One-and-Only…  GutterProVac 20 Gallon Tank & 40 Foot Pole Bundle - With NEW Cyclonic Side Inlet.

The biggest and baddest wet/dry gutter vacuum cleaning system on the market today. 

Effortlessly and efficiently clean gutters 40 ft in the air (3-4 stories) without ever leaving the ground or setting foot on a ladder.

Our unique, industrial-strength gutter vacuum cleaning system is game changing for the safety and productivity of your small business contracting crew.

You are now able to offer a comprehensive gutter cleaning service that most of your competition won’t touch simply because of how inefficient it used to be… 

With the new GutterVacPro system however... it can be an extremely profitable (and easy) service that your existing clients will be excited to pay for!

We’re working with contractors across the country that are seeing this system add revenue to their bottom line, increase their number of offerings, and allow their crew to work safer than ever before.

Home and Small Business Owners alike know how much of a hassle it is to clean gutters. Having to get up on the ladder, scoop out the debris and put it into a bucket or bag is time consuming, inefficient and not to mention extremely unsafe.

Or maybe you used to use a backpack blower to just get up there and blow the debris out? We don’t need to remind you of the mess that creates… 

A vacuum system is clearly the easiest way to work smarter, not harder. 

The problem with most standard wet/dry vacs and gutter cleaning systems however is that they’re simply not powerful enough to get good suction in your gutters, not to mention multiple stories up.  

With a less powerful machine, you’re either not even offering this simple service to your paying clients or sending your crew up on the roof anyway because the gutters aren't getting properly cleaned.

We took off across the globe to find an easier way to clean gutters…  

Originally developed in the UK, these stupid powerful 3600 watt wet/dry vacs will suck just about anything up through their 2” O.D. tubes and leave you wondering how you ever managed to clean gutters without one before. 

This specific system features a larger 20 gallon debris retention tank, and 3x 1200 watts bypass motors which produce a massive 3600 watts of suction to make cleaning those gunk filled gutters a breeze.

There is one catch… this extreme power and suction isn’t available to just anyone…  


The GutterVacPro 3 motor vacuum system requires a 240 volt power house to function. 

When we discovered this technology in the UK, they all have access to the universal supply 240v power fairly standard to most outlets. We knew that when bringing this to the great US of A  it would need to be powered by a generator with a minimum 5500 volt output. (6500 peak volts). Something most well-rounded contractors like yourself should be able to take advantage of the with the quality generator you keep on hand.

This makes it even better for you!

It means that not just anyone can buy this kit and start getting paid to clean gutters. 

This high power output allows you to move high volumes of air quickly to give you powerful sucking power even at full extension. (Which you’ll need when reaching 3 or 4 stories up)

No ladders required!

You might be thinking… well would something designed in the UK us a British plug…? You’d be correct… 

That’s why we provide you in this kit, a Pigtail connection that converts the three prong British Plug to a NEMA 240v twist lock plug that should easily plug right into most generators!

This means that right out of the box you are ready to go…  

Just fire up your generator... plug this beast in, turn on the three motors and start cleaning gutters from the safety of the ground!


The GPV3600-80L wet/dry vac itself is mounted on a strong and solid steel frame that is easily maneuvered with two heavy duty rear wheels and two front locking wheels.  Easy to use handles allow you to empty the retention tank by simply unlatching the top and dumping it out. A stout yet easily storable machine, the GutterProVac system stands just over 3 feet tall has a 2 foot square footprint. Allowing for easy storage and ample workhouse power.

A usefully long 25 foot vac hose and the 30 foot power cord allow you to freely move around the job without a ton of extension cords.

The included 40’ pole system in this kit is made from the most lightweight Aerospace grade aluminum which won't crack or splinter like some carbon poles in the cold. The large 2” suction poles allow for minimal blockage issues and still achieve maximum suction


Each pole weighs just 23 ounces. For a total weight of just 7 lbs 3 oz when fully put together. Allow you and your crew to truly work smarter not harder. (Something we should all try and do!)  

T simple and strong 'male and female' connections on each end of the poles are clamped airtight with the included commercial-grade quick release aluminum clamps.

The bread and butter of this workhorse is the gutter cleaning nozzle on the end which is secured by a 135° silicone bend for easy access to the inside of those gutters without weird angles. 

The pole system by itself will fit most wet & dry vacuum cleaners since it comes supplied with 3 hose adapters. However…  you’ll find that you just don’t have the amount of suction and power you need with a homeowners style shop vac to get the job done properly. (If at all)

It just doesn't make sense to leave money on the table when paying clients would rather have their gutters cleaned for them rather than doing it the old fashioned way everyone hates!

Plus… we’re willing to bet your competition isn’t even offering this quality of service to their clients! 

Allowing you to stand out from the crowd and easily win more business.

With this 40’ pole set coupled with the powerful 3600 watt wet and dry vacuum, you can now clean gutters like its your job.

Everyone knows that blocked gutters will reduce or even stop proper water flow and runoff, causing the water to back up in the gutters. We’re sure you’ve seen the cascading waterfall of rainwater over the entrance this creates. Worse yet… if left untreated, the backed up water can find its way into the building and cause extensive damage.

You will never have this problem again with completely clean gutters from the GutterProVac pole and vac system.


A machine of this power and quality doesn't come cheap and we understand this is not a small investment on your part. 

But we’re 100% certain it will pay for itself many times over

We’re so confident in our gutter cleaning system that all units come with a full 12 month guarantee. 

See for yourself! 

Buy yours today and experience the difference that a 40’ pole bundle and truly powerful machine can make. 

Not only in your work, safety and efficacy…  but in your wallet.

NOTE ABOUT THE GENERATOR NEEDED: Generators recommended to be used with the machine should have a minimum of 5500 volt (peak 6500 volt) 

Here are a couple of examples, for those outside of California https://bit.ly/2HwK9Ys, for those inside California https://bit.ly/2I0Gpv8.

Product Features - Gutter Vacuum

- Runs off Gasoline Generator with 240v: output NEMA plug socket (twist lock)

- Heavy Duty Steel Trolley With Cushion Wheels & Front Locking Castors

- Power: 3 x 1200 watts bypass motors 

- Tank: Steel 20 Gallon Tank

- Power Cable Length: 30 ft

- Hose Length: 25 ft

Accessories Included:

- 1 x Removable Washable "Easy-Clean" Fabric Dust Filter (For Dry Use)

- 1 x Suction Hose (25 foot long)

- 1 x Electric Cable (30 foot long)

- 1 x Steel Containment Tank

- 1 x Dry Floor Nozzle

- 1 x Wet Floor Nozzle

- 1 x Crevice Tool

- 1 x Dust Brush

- 1 x Chrome Floor Wand 

- 1080p Gutter Inspection Camera with Pole Mounts

- Carry Bag for Gutter Poles (Heavy Duty)

Included in the Gutter Pole Kit:

- 10 x 4ft Aerospace Aluminum Gutter Poles (weigh 23.3oz each)

- 4 x Quick Release Clamps

- 2 x Circlips

- 1 x 135 Degrees Silicone Angled Head

- 3 x Connection Silicone Pole to Hose Adapters (2" - 2", 2" - 2 1/4" and 2" - 1 3/4") to fit most standard wet/dry vacuums.

- 1 x Narrow Cleaning Head / Nozzle

- 1 x Wide Cleaning Head / Nozzle

- 1 x Reducer Connection

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